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    Rhythmedics® Somnius™

    Over 20 million Americans experience frequent sleepless nights and 50 million more have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep at least once a week. Not getting the proper sleep can leave you fatigued, depressed, and more susceptible to illness. Rhythmedics Somnius safely leads you to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep longer, without potentially addictive drugs, or morning after fatigue.

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  • Looking For more energy?

    Active Living

    You just feel better after a restful night of healthy sleep, leading to more fulfilling active living. Getting the right amount of each stage of sleep is critical for supporting the body's natural healing and restoration processes. Somnius' Bio-Pulses follow natural brainwave frequencies and assist in achieving all the stages of sleep from Deep to Dreaming, so you awaken restored and refreshed.

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  • Looking For More Quality Time?

    Energize Your Days

    Don't get caught in the stimulant vicious cycle of consuming caffeine or energy drinks and then struggling to fall asleep each night. Energize your days naturally with a great night of healthy sleep using Somnius to entrain your sleep patterns. Create a new cycle of great sleep and energized days.

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Somnius restores your body's circadian rhythm so you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer

    How It Works

  • Select Sleep Program

    Select one of the available sleep programs based on your needs.

  • Place Somnius Under Pillow

    Place under pillow or within 24" of head while sleeping for best results.

  • Fall Asleep Naturally

    Your body will naturally follow the rythms the Somnius produces for sleep.

Product Info

About Simply Sleeping™

Somnius is Simply Sleeping. Simply Sleeping without drugs, without waiting and without worry. After years of difficulty sleeping even with pharmaceuticals, which only gave the appearance of sleep, the inventors of Somnius discovered how mild electromagnetic pulses caused brainwave entrainment. Just as you can become entranced watching a flickering flame or listening to the rain, so can specific frequencies of electromagnetic pulses cause similar entrainment. The inventors patented their technique of recreating circadian sleep rhythms to help you fall asleep naturally and restore youthful and healthy sleep cycles.

Sleep studies confirm Somnius causes brainwave entrainment leading the study participants to fall asleep three to four times faster, wake much less frequently during the night and awaken in the morning feeling more rested. Somnius is a small USB powered instrument, only 2½” square by 3/8” thick, which is placed under your pillow, or even on your night stand, and runs continuously.

Somnius now comes with EIGHT different sleep programs. The included Deep Sleep program is for those that want to sleep deeply and have difficulty staying asleep through the night. Solfeggio Sleep program blends the ancient Solfeggio scale frequencies with sleeping brainwave frequencies for a slightly lighter sleep experience. Dream Sleep encourages dreaming and remembering your dreams. Deeper Sleep features even lower frequencies to assist in spending more time in Stages 3 and 4 of the deepest portion of sleep.

Somnius is simple to use, simple to understand, simple to acquire and Simply Sleeping. Try it Risk Free TODAY!